Software Developer to Careium!

Malmö Careium Sweden AB Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-05-24

At Careium, we are dedicated to creating solutions which support seniors in maintaining rich and independent lives, inside and outside the home. Our wide portfolio of care technology connects generations and is constantly evolving to serve the needs of senior living. Want to join us? We are looking for developers that want to enjoy a fun place of work while making a difference in society. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you!

Our offer

We offer an environment where curious people can explore a complex problem space and have a big influence on what we build and how we build it, using the tools we love. We believe in giving problems to solve rather than solutions to build. We have started a journey with a DevOps mindset with short development cycles for quick feedback and learning by trying! We are not looking for just coders, but individuals with a real interest in problem solving.

The position allows you to work across multiple small teams in an international organization, where using innovative technology to help seniors is our core business. We strive for work-life balance to give you a dynamic workplace where you can continue to develop your skills in a team where we co-operate and support each other.

Since the pandemic we have adapted to a hybrid workplace where combine our home offices with time spent in our bright, spacious office 400 meters from Malmö Central Station. Careium R&D is a small organization and we encourage our team members to learn and be involved in other areas of the development lifecycle, such as automated deployments, functional design, prototyping, UI/UX and so on.

Are you the one?

Below is a list of the knowledge and personality traits that we think could help you succeed as a developer at Careium. We understand that not all of them will describe you perfectly, but they are things we hope for!

  • Gets stuff done and thinks independently about priorities and the bigger picture
  • Proactive, takes initiative and is part of developing our products
  • Is active in making sure that our dev-ops, tooling, and processes are continuously improving
  • Eager to learn. We are convinced that when we can find the right person for our team, and that person is willing to learn, good things will happen.

About the tech stack:

We expect you to know some of this, or that you are willing to learn!

  • React, React Native
  • NodeJS
  • Typescript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Kubernetes/Docker/Terraform/Helm
  • Serverless, for example Lambda

If you want to learn other areas, that’s perfect! If you want to specialize in one area, that is great too! Your responsibilities will grow to match what you are good at. Just as we try to employ an agile process when we develop our product, we want our people to be agile too. So, if you want to improve your skills in an area that is not currently your expertise, we applaud and encourage that!


If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to hiring manager:

Cecilia Tufvesson



We welcome your application!